HTML | Mini Project | For HTML beginners..

HTML – HTML is computer language that is used to build website and basic building blocks to create a website. Its more like bricks which are used to build homes. A good website is combination of three languages i.e.

  • HTML – basic structure
  • CSS – Styling for website
  • JAVASCRIPT(Or any other similar language) – Make website intelligent and perform tasks

Below are kind of small assignments to check your html knowledge if you are a beginner:

Create Home Page of your website as below:

Home Page


  • In the tab it should display “Home Page”
  • There should be a link which says “email me” and on clicking of that page , a mail should be open with to as mentioned address in html page of that link
  • Create links to several other pages in home page
  • Create a link to website which already hosted e.g to google.com
  • Create a Contact- US page as below

Create Contact US page as below:Contact-US


  • There should be a link back to home page
  • There should be a drop down list to select the salutation
  • Text box size of Name and Email id should be same
  • There should be a radio button for complaint or feedback
  • Description text box should say “Enter the description”
  • While submitting , use “POST” method


Hints of tags that can be used :

<html>,<head>,<body>,<p>,<a>,<h1>,<hr>,<form>,<select>,<input>,<textarea> etc

Below are the codes of these 2 pages if you want to compare your code:

Home Page

Contact US page

Kindly share your thoughts in comment box so that I can improve my blog…



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