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Web Scraping | Mini Project | Scrape Financial data and send email to your gmail account

While learning a new language/methodology , it is always a good practice and start creating small projects to understand real life difficulties which you will face on real life projects. I am learning Python recently,and the best way to test my knowledge is to create a projects on it. Being beginner, we generally don’t have giant and ambitious project to work on, so why not to work on small realistic projects just like building sandcastles before pilling up the rock to build a grand castle.

With that in mind , I have come up with below project to get started on.Try to make the project by yourself before reading the code file attached by taking the hints which are jotted below.

Stock Data Scraping :

Goal : As the title mentions, this project is to take out necessary stock information and create a schedule to send an email daily for that information.

Project Specification:

  • Identify website which you want to scrape
  • Identify patterns in URL and inspect objects
  • Take input in file as with every addition of ticker symbol we don’t want to change code
  • Use your gmail account to send email
  • Email body should contain stock symbols and its current price
  • Subject should be : ” Your Daily stock Digest”
  • Mail should go with proper From name and not with email id
  • To should have multiple recipients

Below is the input file:


Output should look like:


Yellow highlighted part should be the email id from which this mail is sent. Below is the code for this project

Github Project

To take a heads up for this project go through link : Web Scraping – Stock Data Scraping Using Python 3

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